Massage Therapy is listed as part of phase 3 reopening.

If you feel unwell or have recently come into contact with COVID-19, cancel your appointment. There will be no cancellation fee.

Masks must be worn at all times (except for when you are face-down). You can wear your own or one of the disposable masks provided in the office if you forget yours (or it doesn’t fit well).

Consider bringing your own water bottle. I will have compostable cups and drinking water available if you forget yours.

Wash your hands before you get on the table.

I will be using an air purifier with HEPA & charcoal filters, a UVC light in between appointments in the treatment room, and a hospital-grade antiviral spray on all touched surfaces.

I will be wearing a face mask and protective eye wear at all times.

I am getting tested for COVID-19 every two weeks unless I learn I’ve been exposed to a COVID+ person, in which case I will cancel all sessions and quarantine until results are in.

Thanks for your understanding, patience, and support!


About Us

Lotus Healing Arts, LLC was founded by Evie Bellinger, LMT in 2019.

Evie has been a NY State licensed massage therapist since 2004, a stone massage therapist since 2009, a lymphatic drainage therapist since 2015, a dynamic energy balancing practitioner since 2017, a yoga teacher since 2018, and a clean beauty advocate with Beautycounter since 2018.

Each session is expertly tailored to the individual.

Hours are by appointment only, so go ahead and pick a day and time that works for you. If you are new to the office, please print and fill out this intake form (below) and bring it to your first session. If you wish to speak with me beforehand, click the scheduling link to bring up my contact info.

Gift Cards

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Physical Gift Cards

When you want to put a gift card in someone’s hands. Give a call (607) seven-nine-three-3159

Charitable Giving

Raising funds for a community or health organization & looking for gift cards to raffle? We may be able to help with that!

What People Say

“I’ve had massage treatments since 1994 all over the states, Evie is top of the line. She is always professional and she not only has the training and knowledge to do a great job, but she also is gifted with great intuition and energy!”


I love going to see Evie! She is intuitive, delightful, thoughtful, and I always feel like I can just walk in and say, “This is what I think I need, what do you think?” and she’ll come up with exactly the right thing. I have especially enjoyed the hot stone massages, but really, any work with Evie is fantastic. Highly recommend!! I always walk out of her lovely room feeling a million times lighter and more relaxed than I did when I walked in.”  



& Musings

  • Why Massage Therapy?
    There are many reasons to get a massage. It can be a crucial part of your stress management “toolbox”, helping your nervous system switch OFF the stress response. You see, the foundational part of your nervous system cannot be in two places at once. It’s either “fight or flight” or “rest and repair”. Hence theContinue reading “Why Massage Therapy?”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I wear?

A: During these times of COVID-19, you must wear a mask. You can take the mask off only when you’re face-down on the table. Other than that, wear whatever you will be comfortable in. Some people like to wear loose-fitting clothing that is easy to put back on when they’re in a deeply relaxed state. Some people choose to leave their garments on during a session, but it’s not necessary. Either way, you will be professionally draped to maintain your comfort. Be aware that whatever you’re wearing may get some oil on it, so don’t wear anything too precious.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Cash, Venmo, PayPal, Check, Credit/Debit Card, Apple Pay, & some trades (contact me ahead of time)

Q: Where are you located exactly?

A: 45 East Main, St. Trumansburg, NY – We’re on the same block as Hazelnut Kitchen and Main Street Market, in a gray & white house. The left corner of the house has lots of windows and our sign hanging from it. Walk around the side of the building and you’ll see our red door. Come on in if you have an appointment. Otherwise, please schedule or give a call.