About Us

Evie Bellinger, LMT, Owner of Lotus Healing Arts.

Since graduating from Finger Lakes Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Therapeutic Massage/Integrated Healthcare in 2004, I have studied a variety of bodywork, energetic balancing, and yogic modalities. I have gratefully been part of the Trumansburg community since 2007, where my business grew as Bella Stone Massage. Through years of private practice and its evolution beyond “basic” massage therapy, expanding to a street-level location, adding therapists, and beginning to teach, it was time for a new incarnation. Thus, Lotus Healing Arts was founded in June of 2019. As a “spiritual person”, lover of the outdoors & edible wild plants, I absolutely adore the lotus. The lotus symbolizes the harmony, even necessity of the balance of dark and light. From the watery, dark places where the root resides, a glorious flower unfolds above the water’s surface. As Thich Nhat Hanh wrote, “No Mud, No Lotus”. I recognize and honor that every human being alive right now is being asked to “Level Up”, to show up as our fullest and truest forms. I know that healing is not always pretty or easy. I’m here and am honored to humbly do my part, to help on your journey.

Alyssa Duerksen, LMT

I graduated from The Finger Lakes School of Massage in 2009. I have since completed over 100 hours of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy training, and have graduated from a 3 year course which passed on the ancient traditions of Shamanic Healing Techniques, Chakra Based Energy Healing, Breath Work, Emotional Release work, and Intuitive Guidance. I also have an extensive background in performance arts and music, which adds a creative, playful and adventurous approach to my work.

My practice is a creative synthesis of intuitive Soul Guidance, Channeled Light Work, Chakra based Energy Healing, Sound Healing, Sacred Voice Work and Emotional Release. My purpose in life is to channel Divine Energy, and beneficial Spirit Guidance to allow space for each soul to be in alignment with their highest consciousness. I give honor and gratitude to all of my teachers, and our ancestors for passing on these ancient practices so that I may be of greater service to Mother Earth and my local and distant communities.
I believe that providing a SAFE SPACE, for all people to open to their individual healing process is vital for personal growth and encourages connection to your true self and your soul’s purpose here on this planet. I welcome those from all walks of life, regardless of race, gender identity or religious/spiritual affiliation, I believe in creating an open platform for each individual to dance to the beat of their own drum! We are all walking through life with so many different perceptions of reality, I am here to help you tune in to your truth, your purpose and your magic!

Blessings brave Soul for showing up, it is an honor to witness your process and be a channel for higher purpose, so much love to you, so much light!

Kaide Peck, LMT

I graduated from Finger Lakes Community College with an AAS in Therapeutic Massage/Integrated Healthcare. I offer many modalities and each massage is completely personalized. As a new mom, I am not currently accepting new clients. My previous business was known as the Center for Pain Relief. When I am ready to increase my office hours, I will update this as soon as possible!

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