About Us

Lotus Healing Arts is a SAFE space. People from all walks of life are welcomed and honored.

Evie Bellinger, LMT, Founder of Lotus Healing Arts, LLC

Since graduating from Finger Lakes Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Therapeutic Massage/Integrated Healthcare in 2004, I have studied a variety of bodywork, energetic, and yogic modalities. I have gratefully been a part of the Trumansburg community since 2007, where my business grew as Bella Stone Massage. Through years of private practice and its evolution beyond basic massage therapy, expanding to a more prominent location, and beginning to teach, it was time for a new incarnation. As a person who is comfortable in the realm of spirit, a lover of the outdoors & edible wild plants, I strongly resonate with lotus energy. The lotus carries powerful medicine, symbolizing the necessity of the harmony between dark and light. Thus, Lotus Healing Arts was founded in June of 2019. I recognize and honor that every human being alive right now is being asked to “Level Up”, to show up as our fullest and truest forms. We all have our own work to do in this lifetime, and nobody can afford to be asleep at the wheel during this era of transformation. I know that healing is not always pretty or easy, but I’m here to witness and facilitate healing as part of your unique journey.

Kaide Peck, LMT

I graduated from Finger Lakes Community College with an AAS in Therapeutic Massage/Integrated Healthcare. I offer many modalities and each massage is completely personalized. I am not currently accepting new clients. When I am ready to increase my office hours, I will update this as soon as possible!

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