We are the clean beauty brand that is changing an entire industry. With an ever-growing list of awards and certifications, you can trust our products to be safer and high-performing. Our movement is working toward a future where whether you buy personal care products from a clean beauty brand like Beautycounter or a typical dollar store, you aren’t exposed to known carcinogens, endocrine-disruptors, lead, asbestos, etc. It’s like the wild wild west out there! Since the FDA has very little power over this industry, companies are left to set their own standards. We’re working to change that. The last time a major federal law was passed regulating the personal care products industry was 1938. 80,000+ new chemicals have been created since then, many of them used in personal care products, and only about 10% have been tested for human safety. To this day, there are still only 1.5 pages of law written to govern a 62+ billion dollar industry. While we advocate for more health protective laws on Capital Hill, working to get safer products into the hands of everyone, you can vote with your dollars and support this movement in a variety of ways:

Shop Beautycounter – retail stores are currently in NYC, Denver, and L.A. You can shop with one of our 50,000+ independent consultants, or shop without one- it’s up to you. If you choose me as your consultant, I’ll be here to help you choose products you’ll love, help with returns (always free & no questions asked within 60 days of purchase!) and place orders for you if you wish. Here is the link to my personal website.

Become a Member – our perks program that pays for itself immediately. No auto-ship, no auto-renew, just transparency & perks.

For $29/year here is what you get: A free gift when you first sign up (with purchase of $50+), free shipping (on orders over $100), and 10% product credit on each purchase (that you have 90 days to use).

Host a Pop-Up – this is a gathering of people that may want to hear about what we do. Classically these are done in-person, but during these times, we can do it via Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, or a combination. I do most of the work and simply ask you to invite some people to learn more. By hosting, you can earn up to 5 free and 5 half-priced products.

Become a Consultant – whatever your reason may be, or how much time you want to spend on your business, it’s all supported and encouraged! We are not a typical MLM or Direct Retail brand. We are a MOVEMENT, powered by people and we are doing good things in the world, actively working to make it a better place from the beginning of the supply chain all the way up to Capital Hill. You would be joining a fabulous team of (mostly) women that would be here with all the support you could hope for.

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