In all that we offer, we do so with the intention to assist you on your path of health & wellness. We are part of a vast network of healing arts professionals in the Finger Lakes and would be honored to be a piece of your unique health and wellness puzzle. Using our online scheduler, choose a session of 30, 45, 60, 75, or 90 minutes, then add on extra services you might like. All of our add-ons are at no extra charge.

At each session, we do a brief check-in in which we’ll ask how you’re feeling in your body on that particular day and if there are any new health considerations. Then, we customize your session with our years of expertise, pulling the appropriate “tools from our toolbox” to craft a unique session for what you’re needing on that particular day. Our Massage Therapy is offered along a spectrum of grounding, slow, deep-tissue, gentle, relaxing, and sometimes even fast and invigorating! It all depends on what you’re presenting with and how you’d like to feel when you walk away.

Prenatal Massage is much like classic massage therapy, to which we add particular measures & lots of pillows to keep mom and baby comfortable.

Aromatherapy can come in the form of a diffuser in the room or can be applied directly to your skin in the massage carrier oil. We custom-blend only the highest quality therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Energetic Balancing is a dynamic blend of modalities that is years in the making. Drawing from various traditions, in alignment with spirit and divine guidance, you will be an active participant in this session. The intention is to re-align your energy and ground you back into your body so that you may live life to your highest potential.

Hot Stones are smooth, heat-retaining basalt stones that are used as a warming & comforting presence and are also classical Swedish and deep-tissue massage tools. Contrast stones are cool marble applied alongside hot stones. They are used at choice moments to reduce inflammation, reinvigorate muscle tissue, and increase circulation.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a set of gentle techniques which assist your body’s detoxification and immune systems. These are typically woven in with a massage to maximize the healing potential and leave you feeling refreshed.

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